1.1 The minimum age for access to our No Tomorrow parties is 23 years old.

1.2 The tickets purchased are for personal and non-transferable use. The name that appears on the ticket must match the documentation that will be presented at the gate of our venue. In no case will the resale of the same be allowed. Access will not be allowed if the ticket is incomplete of Green Pass/COVID-19 Vaccination Card, amended, broken, with indications of forgery or without physical or digital ticket

1.3 In the case of multiple purchases it is imperative that the ticket holder is present to access the venue. The original documentation with which the purchase has been made must be shown and under no circumstances will access be allowed in the absence of the holder.

1.4 The holder of the credit card must present at the entrance of the club, the same one used to make the payment and an identity document that includes a photograph (driver’s license, ID or passport). Photocopies are not accepted.

1.5. In the event that the card with which the payment of the purchase was made is fraudulent, please contact us at least twenty-four (24) hours before the event to party@no-tomorrow.it. In this case, the tickets subject to the purchase will be canceled and refunded.

1.6. The club reserves the right of admission under certain conditions, including alcohol, drugs or narcotic substances or violent attitudes, among others. In the event that the entry is denied, No Tomorrow will fully refund the entry amount by contacting party@no-tomorrow.it.

1.7. In case of theft or loss of the purchased tickets, please contact us by email at party@no-tomorrow.it, as soon as possible.

1.8 Buyers of tickets for all zones must be properly dressed and respecting party theme terms.

1.9. In the event that the show or party are cancelled, the USER will be notified in advance by email and the entire purchase will be refunded. However, No Tomorrow hereby expressly excludes from this guarantee

1.10. The DJ line ups and/or shows, parties or events could change due to any case of force majeure.

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